Goods Elevator

Goods Elevator / Counter Weight Type / Cage Hoist Type

Safex Electromech Material Elevator is the company’s most popular design, which is proven in a wide range of applications. Our material elevators come in two engineering solutions- Counter weight type and Hoist type design. Both designs are suitable for wall canopy as well as for self-supporting steel structure.

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Capacity: Available in capacities as required by customer

Types of Goods Elevator:

  • Counter weight Type

  • Cage Hoist Type

Safety Foremost:

  • Balancing weight type goods lift has lifting machine with drive pulley, helical gear box, motor and brake.

  • The lifting machine is mounted in machine room at top and lifting is with four ropes, each with a four fall construction.

  • This special arrangement is made considering heavy loading and continuous operation.

  • This is the most efficient design, also when compared with arrangement used by majority of passenger lift manufacturers.

  • Each rope has rated capacity with min. 6 F.S., which in four fall construction provides four times the required F.S. So, even in case of breakage of three wire ropes out of 4 nos., the cage will not fall. This is additional safety over any other conventional or similar goods lift.

Goods Elevator, Cage Hoists, Hoists, Goods Lift, Cage Hoists Manufacturer, Cage Hoists Exporter, Cage Hoists India, Safex Electromech


  • Cage is constructed with rolled steel sections, bumped sheet covered sides, M.S. sheet covered top and bottom covered with anti-skid chequered plate.

  • Cage doors are M.S. or S.S. collapsible.

  • Cage is guided with rollers on ‘T’ guide rail.

  • Antifriction bearings are provided for smooth and efficient travelling as well as longer life.

Design Features:

  • Unique arrangement with four ‘T’ guides for balanced loading and guide rollers for smooth and efficient drive.

  • Operated by push button station fixed outside cage on each floor. Cage can be called for from any floor and sent to any floor.

  • Floor doors provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangement. Cage movement automatically stops if any floor door is open.

  • Additional gravity limit switch provided for extra safety over hoisting limit switch.

Standard Features:

  • Space efficient goods elevator.

  • Proven reliability and durability.

  • The cage is custom designed to suit customer’s requirements.

  • Easy loading and unloading features.

Material Elevators for Hazardous Area

Safex Electromech specializes in material elevators suitable for hazardous area Zone 1 and 2, Gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC available with all electrical components duly certified with CMRI/CCOE/PESO/ATEX.

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