Work Culture

For over 25 years, Safex Electromech Pvt. Ltd has been manufacturing, installing and modernizing all classes of overhead traveling cranes, hoists, Cage Hoists/Goods Lift and Chain Pulley blocks and associated material handling equipment. The involvement of our employees has been the cornerstone of our growth and success in the crane industry. Our employees are our biggest asset. They are central to our long-term success. We give utmost importance to attract the best talent to the organization, continuously train & hone their skills.

At Safex we have a experienced, energetic, open & professional work environment with a collaborative culture that thrives on teamwork. Our organization structure with minimal hierarchy encourages our people to shoulder larger responsibilities with accountability. Our employees continuously strive to be the best in whatever they do. They make Safex a vibrant, stimulating and fun place to work for themselves and for their colleagues. People management practices to foster such environment, distinguish us from other companies, enabling us to excel and innovate in what we do for our clients and in what we stand for as an organization.


At Safex Electromech we offer much more than just a job; we provide an accelerated career path. The governing philosophy at Safex Electromech is the well being of our employees. Our competitive compensation package is benchmarked with the best in the industry and is designed not only to attract, but also to retain the best talent.

If you have the talent and the ambition to grow and if working with, then there is umpteen opportunity for you at Safex. We see continuous training and education of our people as an ongoing value-addition process. This approach hones, improves and enhances their skills — and makes the organization stronger.

Some of the key reasons why Safex Electromech is the preferred company for people to work are:

  • Open, energetic & healthy work environment
  • Competitive package
  • Constant learning
  • Exposure by working different industry clients
  • Culture of rewarding demonstrated performance
  • High sense of responsibility and accountability
  • Spirit of entrepreneurship