Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Safex Electric wire rope hoists are designed in modular constructions which greatly simplifies repairs & cuts downtime. The special features are low headroom, spur/helical gears running on antifriction ball bearings with lubrication, motors confirming to IS 325, "fall to safe" brakes which automatically operate in case of any power failure, tested wire rope confirming to IS 2266, forged hooks conforming to IS 3815 and push button stations operating at step down voltage of 110 V, 42 V or 24 V.

Safex Hoists are designed in accordance with IS 3938.

Safex hoists are compact, rugged & elegant in appearance to accommodate specific requirements, Safex hoists can also be built with micro speed arrangements (10% of normal hoisting speed),flexible trolleys to negotiate s mall radius, high speeds & high lifts, hoists suitable for steel mill duty, foundries & chemicals plants.

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Capacity: 500Kgs. to 20,000 Kgs.

Types of Electric Wire Rope Hoists:

  • Standard Electrical Hoists

  • Hook Suspension type Hoists

  • Flexible Trolley Type Hoists

  • Power travel trolley type Hoists

  • Push Pull trolley type Hoists

  • External Trolley Type

  • Hand Geared Trolley Type

  • Custom Design Hoists


Safex electric wire rope hoists are full-featured and have earned recognition for their world class design. Safex hoists are ergonomically designed and include all advanced technology features.

Safex manual push and pull trolleys easily couple with our electric hoists and provide excellent mobility options.

Safex large capacity electric wire rope hoists offer high performance while handling heavier loads. Electric wire rope hoists are built for extreme duty applications.

Safex electric wire hoists are a truly unique hoist offering engineered for maximum operator comfort and control. Available in different adjustable speeds these hoists are able to handle awkward loads by providing precise load positioning. A range of speeds make this hoist the perfect solution for many difficult product handling problems and smooth hoist travel.

Standard Features:

  • Modular Construction for easy maintenance.

  • These top-quality trolley hoists have a low headroom configuration that provides the lowest headroom possible by positioning the trolley parallel with the beam.

  • Extremely durable, these wire rope models are ideal for use in three phase, heavy-duty service applications.

  • 100% fully tested and certified virtually eliminates failures.

  • IP55-rated and suitable for outdoor service .Self-tensioning next-generation rope guide secures rope in drum grooves.

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