Safex provides additional services besides manufacturing of the Material handling equipments:

  • Erection and Commissioning of Cranes, Hoists, Cage Hoists/Good Elevator and Chain Pulley Blocks.
  • Gantry Alignment readiness.
  • Refurbishment of old cranes.
  • Erection and Commissioning of Rails.
  • Load Testing and Certification of the Material Handling equipments.
  • Modernization

At Safex Electromech we continue to set new global standards of service in the over head cranes, hoists, Cage Hoist/Goods Elevator industry. As a 25 year old company we maintain our industry leadership in providing the service to insure that all your material handling equipments are operating at peak efficiencies and 100% customer satisfaction. Our factory trained service engineers are continuously supporting the commitment to keep your material handling equipments running effectively and efficiently!

Our personnel will work with your team to determine a service and maintenance program to fit your specific needs and will maintain your material handling equipment as needed. Testing services are designed to get you up and running efficiently and quickly.

From erection to certified load testing, our service engineers are trained to ensure quality results with minimum impact to your business.

Let’s have Safex work for your requirements. If you have questions please click on the contact page to get in touch with us.

We supply spare parts for Overhead Cranes including Gantry Cranes, Single/Double Girder, and Jib Cranes. We also are the industry leader in Cage Hoists/ Goods Elevator Hoists and Chain Pulley blocks parts.

We supply parts for cranes, Standard and Flame Proof hoists, Cage Hoists/Goods Elevators and Chain Pulley Blocks.

We ensure highest quality, strength, durability and long-term dependability. Our crane parts are designed to make sure they are compatible with existing equipment and the new, state-of-the-art designs. Our qualified Safex design and services team are available to help with any problems or situations that arise. We have a variety of options to offer our customers.

If you have any questions or enquiry please click on the contact page link and fill in the enquiry form.