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Jib Cranes

Jib Cranes

Safex Electromech Jib Cranes is available with both an independent pillar mounted design as well as existing building column mounted design. Perfectly suited for individual work stations or assembly areas, our jib cranes are available up to 10t capacity, a range of cross travel movement and rotation up to 360°. With both manual and electric slewing options, our Jib Cranes are made to handle a range of lifting jobs.

Jib Cranes, Safex Cranes Hoists Manufacturer India, Safex Electromech

Capacity: Available up to 10 T

Safex Electromech also offers specially designed wall travelling Jib Cranes to handle a wide range of workstation jobs. An entire system of wall travelling jib cranes can work in conjunction with overhead travelling cranes for an ultra-efficient material handling system.